frequently asked questions


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How does your background qualify you to help me in my business?
DVP Advisors brings a vast range of business experience to its client relationships. David Post has been a business executive for 25 years working in Sales, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, and Project Management. He has worked both domestically and internationally with organizations in non-profit, for-profit and governmental sectors. This diverse experience gives him unique insight into tried and true but also creative ways to help clients solve their issues.
How long does this process take?
The beauty of our approach is that all of our clients are given customized approaches based on their needs and preferences. The time needed to devise and implement solutions varies according to the client’s goals, and the methodologies applied to accomplish them. So while the project schedule varies for every client, we are as thorough as possible in setting timeframes at the outset of each engagement.
Have you developed your consultative approach yourself?
My practice is a blend of original approaches as well as those that I’ve encountered at companies I’ve worked for, or educational seminars and trainings I’ve attended. In every case, with every client, I never assume that a method I’ve developed will be the most appropriate. I determine the approach based on the needs and best interest of the client at that time.
How many of your clients reach their goals?
Most clients achieve goals beyond their initial expectations, simply because we provided them with the guidance and tools to reach their objectives, then exceed them. The most rewarding aspect of what we do at DVP Advisors is that we teach our clients as well as advise them. We want our clients to become stronger business leaders so they can work toward their future goals with confidence and capability.
How do you guarantee results for your clients?
The process starts even before we sign a contract. It starts with the initial meeting, and the process of discovery which follows, to determine what the client truly wants to achieve. The results we set out to accomplish are then based on a mutual agreement between DVP Advisors and our client(s). As such, part of our initial evaluation also involves making sure clients are ready to commit to making significant changes in their businesses. We want to ensure it is worth the investment of their time and money, and that they are committed to acting and implementing once the planning and development phase is finished. We also employ tactics to set goals that are manageable and realistic for our clients based on our experience and understanding, as well as their resources and timeline.
What is management consulting?
Management consultants help organizations improve their performance by analyzing the existing structure and organizational issues of a business to develop a plan for improvement. Consulting firms like DVP Advisors have an awareness of “best practices” across industry sectors, and we use this knowledge to the benefit and advantage of our clients. We are also aware that each situation is different which may require new ways of thinking and new approaches to unique problems. At DVP Advisors, our consulting services focus on organizational change management, leadership development, process analysis, strategic planning, and operational efficacy, among others. In many cases we use proprietary methodologies to guide the identification of problems, which serve as the basis for recommendations on more effective or efficient ways of doing business.
What is executive coaching?
Executive coaching is a partnership in which business goals are addressed in a practical and results oriented way, and an agenda is created to reach those goals. In this process CEOs, leaders, and other people who are influential to the outcome are challenged by the coach to understand their strengths and weaknesses so they can grow as leaders and in turn grow their businesses. As a coach, I help my clients by:

  • Serving as a trusted adviser and mentor to support the executive in developing strategies to solve his or her own problems and ultimately achieve peak performance.
  • Asking powerful questions that reveal unknown aspects of the situation
  • Providing structured, focused discussions to help improve job performance.
  • Helping manage stress, instilling confidence, and honing leadership skills.
  • Holding clients accountable for taking actions necessary to reach their chosen goals.
What sets you apart from other consultants?
DVP Advisors’ clients benefit from our fully customizable approach. We have an array of techniques and methodologies that we use with our clients – employing them as dictated by the work, not because they are part of a pre-packaged offering. We take the time – a free initial hour of consultation – to hear what each client is seeking to achieve. Only after we come to a mutual agreement with the client on working together do we develop a scope of service, timeline and fee structure. In most instances we develop an agreement that engages us in helping implement the proposed business solution. While it always the client’s right to engage us or not, our commitment is to have more than a “report and run” consulting approach.Further, we work with providers in other industries to ensure a more holistic approach to your business than would coaching or consulting alone, or in combination. These providers have become trusted partners who, working in conjunction with DVP Advisors on your behalf, can also make great strides for your business in separate but complementary ways.
Why should I spend the time developing a business plan?
In business, as in life, it is difficult to know the steps to take to achieve success unless you are clear where you want to end up. A business plan gives you an opportunity to create goals and map out the steps to achieve them. Even small organizations need to have a plan for all aspects of running a business, and it can be a lot to manage. Enlisting the help of a dedicated partner with an outside, impartial perspective, and experience in business planning, can go a long way.
When should I consider doing a SWOT analysis?
A SWOT analysis has a variety of benefits for business owners and leaders, but, at its core, it serves as a decision-making tool that provides clear and delineated action plan with steps for moving forward when a path isn’t otherwise immediately clear. SWOT analyses have helped DVP Advisors’ clients with decisions as large as whether or not to merge or partner, to circumstances involving project planning and management issues. Any aspect of your business that could have multiple potential outcomes could benefit from the implementation of a SWOT analysis.
Do you only work with established organizations or can a young business or
non-profit benefit from working with you?
DVP Advisors has worked with large, well-established organizations as well as those that are just starting out. Because the benefits of coaching and consultation are so varied, it is never too early or too late to benefit from the counsel of someone with outside expertise. Any instance in which a business faces challenges or opportunities for improvement can be a prudent time to enlist the help of an organization like DVP Advisors.