With 25 years of business and organizational development experience, founder David Post leads a team in providing guidance to organizations seeking to do good in the world, to do right by their employees and to do well for themselves.

David knows the business world as both an entrepreneur and a product of multiple corporate environments. He has worked in HR, Project Management, Business Development, Organizational Design and New Service Development. He has lived in the UK for three years, to consult in the US, the UK, the Netherlands and India. David has presented to audiences in the US, the UK, Belgium, Germany and Canada.

Entrepreneurs and executive directors challenge themselves daily with the same question: “How will I use my time today?”

On behalf of our clients, we’ve:

  • Analyzed workflow processes
  • Reviewed and improved business plans
  • Written HR policies
  • Developed marketing strategies
  • Approached corporate philanthropies
  • Developed and conducted employee satisfaction surveys
  • Coached executives on humanely discharging staff
  • Even walked the dog

All so our clients can answer that question with: “Today, I’m going to build my business. Today, I’m going to get one step closer to achieving my vision.”